Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This morning's clay exploration

Worked on another head yesterday using clay labeled '519'.
Things were so messy and I felt I was caught
in a repeat: do-undo-redo cycle.
Was wise enough not to destroy
hours of cycling and dunked the '519' head
in water to smooth everything-out and placed it under a bag to wait.

This morning I start with fresh plans and intentions.
After watching Kiki's video.
I decide to give a special attention to my intuition.

Let's see what happened:

After seing a dear print ,
I started laying clay on top of the print, realizing
- Hey that is a fast way to get realistic proportions,
after a few minutes: got bored,
definitely thought of not placing the legs or the tail or the ears,
but remembered to:
listen to my intuition - and finished off  
rapidly the little dear and called it a: ''sketch!''

 a sketch for?
got yesterday's head out, and placed it on the print!
Yep! time to do a sculpture!
 Funny thing was, that I had somehow already rolled out and shaped some cylinders
chop, chop, slip, slip
yep! just need some legs and ears now!

 1st time around,
got legs, tail and ears.

 After removing the little creature from it's hefty cylindrical support.
I get myself into a:
beginner's mistake! = learning curve : up-hill time!
legs cannot bear the weigth,
are especially uneven
and crack, crack, crack
one ear comes off as well.
intuition time!
it's for the best!a do over is what is best for the little creature

morning turns into afternoon,
it finally stands : and it is time for me to halt!

has the dear morphed into a lamb? or is it wearing a baby cap with bear ears?
Time only will tell


  1. Oh Elise! For a "beginner" you achieve AMAZINGLY mature work. Thank you for sharing your process. I am blown away again!

  2. Oh Lorraine! I am today a senior with ''labyrinthitis''
    (excerpt from the dictionary: Persons suffering from labyrinthitis may experience periods of vertigo of such severity that they are incapacitated.).
    The grandchildren came for a visit yesterday and with very concerned faces asked: ''What is it!'' hum,... I guess that fabulous creatures in children's books have a more defined expression - will ponder on this. You are very present in my thoughts. Yesterday we were lunching together by the lake, just after that wednesday clay-class with Brenda. And Brenda is a good match!