Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I was inspired by this collage video featuring the work of Michelle Caplan

I am presently working on 4 small 12 x 12 inch collages to go in our freshly painted mudroom bathroom.Here they are on my workspace shelves.

Videos that spark your creativity

My best friend Huguette and I can attest to the creative boost that Rex Ray's video gave us earlier this year. It got us doing art again . My favorite part of this video is when Rex talks about how he worked with a creative mind - turning off his critical voices.

Rex Ray has a series called resin panels . I always wondered how complex this technique was so I did a little search on youtube to see what videos were out there to help out. (epoxy resin art show, finishing your work with epoxy resin )

Two great pictures from last February San Francisco exhibition installation via fabulous whorange . I just love that one of Rex with his work.

Elizabeth Gilbert at TED

A video worthwhile watching: "nurturing creativity" - Elizabeth Gilbert ( author of bestseller: Eat, Pray and Love) gave this mindshifting talk at TED last february.

a few other favorite TED talks of mine:
Amy Tan on creativity
Larry Lessig on laws that choke creativity
Richard St-John's 8 secrets of success
Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos Photosynth ( Seadragon)

Beetle art

I am totally fascinated with these groupings and mosaics of bugs and beetles ( mainly beetles) by artist enthomologist Christopher Marley.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kyoko Okubo paper sculptures

to see new works from Kyoko Okubo go regularly to artfoundout blog

Japanese illustration in the 20's

From the Kodomo no kuni gallery of Artists and Children's Books illustration in 1920 Japan. Some of my favorite pics:

Koga Harue: Merry May 1932, this one reminds me of French artist Fernand Léger!

Josef Frank and Saint Verde Digest

Some pictures just speak for themselves,... to see more of Joseph Franks wonderful fabric designs browse through Neville Trickett's glorious Flickr set. Do not miss Neville's blog : saint verde digest . It is just soooo fresh and inspiring!

Swedish designer, Josef Frank, created these beauties prior to 1950 !

Yes, Meryl Streep's sheets in the movie Mamma Mia are from Josef Frank

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Alice

How can one not fall in love with Alice in Wonderland.
Looking at A.A. Nash's illustrations above, makes me want to read Alice's adventures all over again.

Classical John Tenniel's illustrations, photos of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell ( the real Alice for whom the story was written) can be seen in Lenny's great Alice in wonderland site.

Following are some of my favorite pics from
Finsbry's Amazing 385 Alice in Wonderland illustrations.

May the enchantment work it's magic and get you to draw your own version of Alice's timeless tribulations in the land of wonder.

For more inspiration, have a look at:
Lauren's A to Z collection of Alice's illustrators.
(image below: Philip Gough, London 1949 )