Thursday, September 5, 2013

into a bell

Started as a bowl with a high foot - I had the best intentions of making a bowl:
turned it upside down, yesterday afternoon

it now seems this piece will likely turn-up as a bell! 
(not sure about the shape and location of the wings though,....)

Since June :
this is the 3rd mutation of this head!
Clay's got to do what it's got to do
And I have to practice letting go!

This afternoon,
I will be attending my local potter's guild first get-together since joining the group.
Today's theme is: ''bowl throwing'' for the empty bowl charity.
I just read the e-mail giving some more details about the event.
Members wil be given clay for 5 bowls.
(that is: 5 bowls in 5 hours)
Since November 2012,
I yet to have one bowl fired and glazed
a finished piece that could be referred to as a bowl! 


  1. You're making me want to get back into clay again Elise. I LOVE how you handle the material. I went googling for some images that might help you resolve the wings:

    Bowls were my favourite forms to make on the wheel. You seem to be a sculptor at heart, so combining the two would be amazing. And then there's your incredible slip trailing.
    Elise, I'm totally a fan. Your paintings are brilliant. I would love to talk to you more.

  2. What a great comment :)

    More and more events point towards that sculptor's heart( and hands!)that I am playing - struggling with ( I so wish I had less struggle, what is again the purpose of struggle? I need to delve into this a little bit - will definitely let you know what little gem of wisdom about self-discovery is hidden there )

    When I look at the photographs you have been posting this past year I see: landscape paintings that I am strongly drawn into. And I say to my self, that's just a simple landscape how can it have that affect on me. Well it's close to being that 'perfect-painters dream' landscape: actually 'they are' my painters perfect dream landscape.
    In photography there is no doubt you have arrived at a masterfull platform of creative expression - I am in love with your bails of hay, that sweet-looking cow, and all those faraway rolling hills in those poetic photographic horizons. The grain, the depth, the humility, the richness of your colour palette, and: the composition - You are working it girl!
    And you are a Ceramist and Painter? well I love corresponding with you some more to!!!!

    I am looking forward reading your next post.
    and see what you are experiencing at present in your life+creative journey.

    Love the angel references ( ouuuuu: especially that first one : miam!)
    Just noticed you left me your e-mail - will use it shortly - got to look at those funky angels some more and take a sip of my hot-hot coffee - till later Enchanted Blue Planet!