Monday, August 26, 2013

one little tile

one little tile
OK with me!

put a branch on it!

''Put a branch on it!''

High on a shelf in my studio-office
 two sculptural clayworks are at a stand still under their see-trough wraps.

I have watched lately a series appearing on Netflix called ''Portlandia''. Amazing acting, crazy creative characters, what a laugh! 
Absurdity and parody of an era:
 the 90's Utopia thrives in the city of Portland

One sketch is called:

''put a bird on it!''
( for all us artsy/crafters - what a reality punch line that is!)

put a bird on it!

a decade later the analogy could be  :

put a branch on it!

Awesome little bird

top photo: 
unfired birdy color test tile painted with underglazes
 ( Mason stains mixed in terra sig)
looking good on that bone dry clay prior to it's bisque firing!

middle birdie photo: 
O-O ?
What happenned?
after bisque firing at cone 06. 
Where did all the pretty blues go?

bottom photo:
underglazes refired over glossy dark brown glaze successfully!!! 
How totally awesome is that!!!!

sticky situation!

Forgot to put a little spiky thingy under this vase prior to firing at cone6 - did not know that matte underglazes ( such as Cover-Coats and EZ-strokes) stuck to the shelves - did the inside glaze melt through? 
The sticky situation for me here is more taking on the challenge of hues
more specifically the clash of : 
blacks and blues ( and a little toast)

a little toasty

Here are a few pieces that I just unloaded from my ''home'' kiln. 

This was my first cone6 firing. I am glad to see the colors of matured clay - however I never expected, or even new that clay could toast!