Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's under the plastic bags?

 What's hiding under all those plastic bags?

 A few picces and partsd of work in progress
in slow-progress

A lot of bowl shapes are popping up in my work for I will contribute some ''bowls', to the ''empty Bowl'' Charity - to help fight hunger- an event held once a year- where for $25.00 or so you can purchase a bowl and get served soup with a piece of bread - a rudimentary meal to remind us of those in need!
This event took place on Saturday the 13 th of April- this year- should be arround the same dates next year!

Noodling with slip

Noodling with slip!

This recipe:
Pete Pinnell's White Slip:
40 OM4
40 Talc ( mine is grey , that's OK)
10 Silica
10 Nepheline Syenite
+10  Frit 3124
+7 Zircopax

(You can add a few drops( very few) of sodium silicate4 - a defloculant - makes in runnier and easier to apply with a slip bottle
Listed as low fire: however my pieces were first bisqued, then glazed and fired to cone 6

Bisqued trial slip trail tiles

Bisqued vase
Mix-Match !

Monday, June 3, 2013


A very recent interest:


Color test tiles

 For a few weeks I was obsessed in doing solely color test tiles.
(Thank you Eric of MIY for your patience in placing these irregular shaped thingys into the kiln, and never conplaining!)
Breaking the color-code remains a quest and a mystery

red clay !

My first 3 sculptural pieces in red clay:
an odd threesome!

to the left: ''Bowl with bathers''
center piece: ''dog urn''
to the right: ''entwined couple''

This red clay has a lot of grogg which makes it a fast sculpural medium with coarse details.

Yellow nude series

The yellow nudes series
A very short serie - but none the less a serie - inspired from yellow blooms early summer a few years back. Reality is: it takes me a while to develop, paint , photograph and post.
The use of the nude to me transcends time/social class and culture. They are part of  my imaginary mythological world of humanity.
My wish for these yellow nudes are a physical and emotional connection to the landscape : rest, contemplation and heroic vision.

 ''giant at rest''
(oil on canvas : 30'' x 30'')

 '' just contemplation''
(oil on canvas : 24'' x 48'' )

''Diana without her bow''
(oil on canvas: 20'' x 20'' )


 Came out of the kiln intact. (back in March or April of this year)
All the pieces that I made in Florida ( November through May 2012/2013) are still in Florida.
When I will get back it will be time to:
decide !
How and especially What to glaze


One of my favorite

This bulbous vase sums up what winter into spring looks like to me, a few leaves floating on top, white and the promise of fragile shoots of lime green and tender lavender blooms

''winter into spring''
(Matt underglazes)