Monday, June 6, 2011

For the love of art and documentaries

Yup! fine stuff out there! ( in part showcased in the vast worl of
Here are just a few of these must see ''art world related'' documentaries that I have totally enjoyed lately.

Exit through the gift shop, UK, 2010
( a Banksy film )

Herb and Dorothy, USA 2008
(You will never think of it, but: they are among the biggest collectors of new art in New york)

John James Audubon, drawn from nature, USA 2007
(Directed and produced by Lawrence Hott, bullfrogfilms)
revealing Audubon's breakthrough methods for achieving naturalistic realism as never seen before: a gem!

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?, USA 2006
(She paid 5 bucks for it now she's asking 50 million)

The art of the steal, USA, 2009
( The Barnes Foundation scandal! )

and these two beauties in sync with the world of harmonizing and choirs:

As it is in heaven, Swedish 2004
(a must 'see and hear' movie on the art and thrill of harmonizing of voices )

Young at heart, USA, 2007
(a senior's rock'n roll choir!)

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