Saturday, June 4, 2011

Counting your brushstrokes ?

From: Peggi Kroll Roberts limited brustroke demo

Today I am inspired by this ''alla prima'' approach trail of thought where each brushstroke has intention. If not, then says David Leffel the artist lives in a never ending world were brushstrokes have no beginning, no ending, and where all is the same.

I want my painting world to have beginnings and endings, and definitely to be inspired and engaged in meaningful gesture. At this stage I am definitely a blender type of painter.

So, there is definitely here something for me to juice-up on in my expertise and get exercising on as a painter.
Yep! brushstroke counting seems quite appealling to me this morning.

reference 1: from master David Leffel: ''The most important thing you can possibly learn: ''
reference 2: a demonstration by Larry Seiler ( 429 strokes demo)
reference 3: limited stroke lesson by Peggi Kroll Roberts ( see image above)


  1. Wow, your work is interesting. Economy of brushstrokes. Did you evolve into the minimalist approach? Randy

  2. Hi Randy,
    Always was a minimalist, trying to grow more and more into being confortable with this reality. Recently discovered clay, o my god - I can sculpt. My expressionist work wich I couldn't be at peace with in paintings is now a blessing! Thanxs for leaving me a comment. Your work is honest and comes from the heart- I can breathe the scent of blue skies and my ears and lungs fill with clean air and crackling sounds of underbushes. Best Regards, Elise S.