Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A little post on the progress of a new project. 
A head.
I sometimes follow the first sketch that gets my creative juices flowing. I sometimes enjoy it just as a start, and continue morphing the project at hand.
This head is an example of how a starting image can morph into multiples

The first few hours 

Hey, female gone young male
The sarting image ( a woman with a bird in her hair)
laid in front of the resulting young male clay sculpture
proportions are close
just a sex and age change.
I notice and question:
The eyebrows seem real high, 
oh, well.
 Then with the use of photoshop ( elements : the baby program) I overlay a multitude of photos of found faces.
Overlaying these makes me realise that my facial feature positions match quite a few other photos of real faces and painted, sculpted faces.

and some other permutations,

these I find give me some new 'start' to imagine possible very light colorings to investigate after bisquing the piece.

Next: get the head ready to be bisqued.
I am at present juggling on how much I want to define the ears.

Claying is to me a very slow process.
I feel I have arrived at home, so I cherish that it is not rushed. That does not mean that I am very humbled by the media, and find myself being challenged regularly.

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