Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fresh out of the kiln

Opening the kiln this morning I did not expect
to see any clear shinny glazes.

I was expecting the very thin pinched bowls
and flower
to be very cracked, but no!

 (colorful! and a little out of focus-sorry)

 let's try again, 

now everybody smile!:

Good job guys!


  1. OH, OH, be still my beating heart. I'm SO proud of you Elise. How delighted and in awe you must be. Ironically it is the thin bowls that are the least likely to crack in the firing. I love the dear expressions on both your sculptures and the little hearts on the pajamas are so right. Also I just love the interior of olive with aqua lines; tres elegante. :) (that's French :) ) You are coming along so fast!!

  2. Merci Lorraine!
    Absolutely delighted and in awe. QUantum leap just happened in the learning curve: 'clay' is turning into 'ceramics'. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words ,support, and belief in my work. I got a bonus surprise as well. That of very soon being able to let go.