Monday, August 26, 2013

sticky situation!

Forgot to put a little spiky thingy under this vase prior to firing at cone6 - did not know that matte underglazes ( such as Cover-Coats and EZ-strokes) stuck to the shelves - did the inside glaze melt through? 
The sticky situation for me here is more taking on the challenge of hues
more specifically the clash of : 
blacks and blues ( and a little toast)


  1. Hi Elise,
    Thank you for your kind and grateful comments in your earlier post. Now I must confess that I am a cone 6 potter, or at least, WAS, for 34 years and know, only too well the learning curve, not only about the work but about ourselves. How lucky you are, in fact that your meltdown is on the bottom of this pretty pot where it can be grinded smooth with carborundum and still be useful, even saleable quite frankly.
    If what you mean by toasting is a little discolouration, I personally find that attractive for its patina. It probably comes from glaze being wiped away; I've had great patina from the dust and handling of fired, unglazed greenware. Pottery teaches perseverance and release of the past. It was one of my best teachers.
    Hang in there Elise. Your work delights me.

  2. Just got back from a mother and daughter ( me:55 , Stephanie:29, Caroline: 21 )outing - We had a fabulous time in Chicago. We discovered the city together for the first time. How lucky we were to be together as adults, for 6 days.
    Now that I back home. I will go look for a carborundum bit. I had already tried a few of the bits I had in stock from my brief year of jewelry making - mainly soldering, polishing - until I chose to protect my eyesigth- that was fast deteriorating. 34 years doing pottery - wow.I started last November in Florida. Found an open workshop - and a group of peers to share the learning curve with! Till later Enchnated Blue Planet!