Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's under the plastic bags?

 What's hiding under all those plastic bags?

 A few picces and partsd of work in progress
in slow-progress

A lot of bowl shapes are popping up in my work for I will contribute some ''bowls', to the ''empty Bowl'' Charity - to help fight hunger- an event held once a year- where for $25.00 or so you can purchase a bowl and get served soup with a piece of bread - a rudimentary meal to remind us of those in need!
This event took place on Saturday the 13 th of April- this year- should be arround the same dates next year!


  1. Thank you for coming to visit me on my Blog Elise. I am delighted to find you and your amazing work and will follow your blog hereon! I love your sensibility in clay and paint.
    Extraordinary work!

    1. What a treat to read your encouraging comment. It gave me that little boost to pick-up my paintbrushes and get some fresh colors flowing on un-bisqued tiles. Your kind and encouraging presence could still be felt this morning after I had experienced a new ‘’low*’’ after opening my first at-home cone6 experimental high-fire – Let’s say there was a toasty unexpected flair, as well as a bit of a meltdown to a few to many pieces. But, thinking of your supportive view on life and creativity, this healing thought swooshed through my then sorrowfull-mind: ‘’I need to pick myself up more times than I fall ‘’. OK. I can do that. No problem! I am starting this day with a fresh and healthy new focus. I feel strong and proud, just being and keeping on doing it! Thanxs to you lovely enchanted blue planet!
      *now , I see that low as a huge amount of information for my future endeavours. And actually I believe it is a huge motivator to encourage me to a more efficient work ethic! And I am so greatfull for this renewed vision.