Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bisque in waiting

Finally got some bisqued pieces.
I am giddy happy.
And, I am totally freaked -out
OK, I am afraid to mess things up and stay stuck in the land of MUDDY-COLOURS.

No colour is better than muddy-colour
Maybe less is better?
I must agree that the last experiment I put a lot of matter on that poor jar!

Here are a few pieces in waiting:

 ''She devil with wings'':

 a funny little squirrel - with removable cap, log and coffee mug : 

an imaginary cactus? flower pot:

What else is in the works?
greenware: A hare on a rock:

A member at our workshop called this next piece:
 ''the Frankenstein Baby'' , hum,,,,
it is a tentative sculpture of my brother at age 3 
( I hope to place a bucket of maple syrup in his hand )
I feel very insecure about this piece, and can't let go
of my negative criticism!

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